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Lax 101

"It's run, dodge and shoot

Or run, dodge and pass."

-Gary Miller

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Welcome to The Copley Lacrosse Club

Our overall program trajectory is moving in the proper direction because of the past accomplishments of the Board, coaching and active participation from the parents.  Our goals for our program are consistent from year to year.

Build a sustainable long term winning program.  It's an audacious goal for a program which has only been around for a handful of years.  Yes, we want children in our community to have fun learning a difficult and fun game.  We have to balance the rec experience and building a successful high school program.  We often look forward 5 – 6 years for girls and boys teams to ensure positions are filled and deep with reserve players.  We also understand we must create a program which can easily be passed onto the next generation of Board members and coaches.

Our lacrosse club is a rec club first – meaning everyone plays and we encourage a good time.  We’re also developing more advanced players on every team who play competitively during the summer and fall travel lacrosse seasons.  That being said, it will influence rosters decision, how teams are divided at tournaments and practice plans.  Having a good time and developing life skills will always be valuable while striking a balance to develop players for more advanced play.  There will be a bigger push and encouragement for advanced players to find a summer travel lacrosse team.  The speed of play and skill level are exponentially higher compared to the spring rec season.

Lacrosse is hard and requires discipline.  It’s a hard sport and we realize it.  We often remind your child during the season it’s the difficult challenges in life which are worth working for.  Lacrosse is another vehicle to help develop personal and physical confidence because of its high degree of difficulty.

We require more volunteers.  Our coaches all have careers and a home life.  Our coaches throw in an additional 25+ hours per week to their schedule. Our lacrosse club has doubled in size in only 3 years.  We can use help with marketing, lining fields, organizing tents and food at the tournaments. 

Lastly, thank you to the parents and coaches.  Our success is predicated on your time, enthusiasm, and commitment.  I am forever grateful and humbled.  Let’s have a great season together and thank you for your support.


Our mission is to teach the players of the Copley Lacrosse Club, Inc. to play lacrosse with skill, integrity, sportsmanship, and enjoyment. Our primary focus is to teach the values of discipline, hard work, team commitment, and fair and sportsmanlike competition. We believe that in team sports, victories are not just achieved on the scoreboard. We judge our success by our ability to impress these values on our young players

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